Our team is comprised of Physicians, Nurses, Financial Analysts, Health Information Management specialists and Allied Health professionals as well as front line managers and senior health care leaders with proven track records in making health care better.


Our collaborative business model enables hospital executive teams to focus on their core competencies and leverage our full-time staff and team of clinical and operational associates to outsource the support they need to identify opportunities for clinical and operational improvements.  Our approach involves bringing the best people together to respond to our clients specific needs. 


We ensure that each member of the project team is talented, in demand, and a proven leader in their indvidual area of expertise.  When we establish the right team for a hospital  project, we ensure the entire team shares the mission to develop innovative and practical solutions for the hospitals that will ensure better quality of care and better cost controls are in place by the end of the project. 


Our attention is focused on improving patient care, imrpoving finanical and clinical reporting, increasing staff and customer satisfaction and reducing costs. Our core team is highly skilled in quickly reading and adapting to hospital cultures to maximize engagement in the current state analaysis, draft recommendations, and future state results.  We work cooperatively and confidentially to ensure the very best service and results.