Our approach comprises: detailed analysis of resource utilization, clinical quality, case costing, financial /clinical reporting and physician practices. It is based on solid methodology and results in the development and presentation of comprehensive reports with practical recommendations to include, but not limited to; specific clinical outcomes with corresponding cost savings.


Our approach also includes the development of detailed solutions and action plans to address our findings.  Examples include temp staffing, ongoing operational and leadership supports  with targeted communication, change management and training programs. 


Expert Service Offerings



-Utilization Management Program Development & Audits


-Case Management Implementation


-Case Costing Analysis


-Clinical Audits


-Clinical Pathway Development





-Clinical Program Reviews


-Emergency Department Reviews


-Registration Reviews


-Physician Engagement Programs


-Stakeholder Engagement

(employee, staff, community)



-Case Costing Analysis


-Case Costing Implementation


-M.I.S. Reviews




-Clinical Documentation Improvement 


-Decision Support Development

    and Support

-Coding Validity Studies


-Health Records Operational Reviews


-Development of Measures of Clinical Efficiencies 


-H.S.F.R. Support / Education / Review


-H.S.F.R. Data Submission Review for Optimization


- Case Costing Analysis


-Case Costing Implementation


-M.I.S. Reviews / Data Quality Management


-M.I.S. Trial Balance and Related OCDM