Over the years, we've built strong relationships with several leading health care organizations who offer distinct bundles of technologies, talents and programs that compliment our own tools and services.  Today, we're exceeding proud to have worked with so many of Canada's leading health care organizations such as HayGroup, MEDworxx, PowerHealth Solutions, KPMG, pwc and nD insight.


Our affiliates help us to ensure that our services are provided in a way that is best suited to our client's specific, current, needs and/or existing consulting relationships. 


Our affiliates have leveraged our talents for their projects, and we have often relied on them to assist us on our own strategic thinking or implementation of projects. This  "partner for the clients" approach adds value to our respective clients needs, goals and objectives.  In fact, this multiple partnership approach is a key component of our business strategy and has enabled us to thrive in today's challenging and complex health care environment.  The affilaiate relationships add a nuanced and/or concrete flexibility and depth to our clinical and operational review capabilities. 


This philsophy is a core value of who we are. It enables us to be more flexible with our clients in our goals to save costs, improve patient outcomes and keep the clients requirements at the forefront of any solutions we recommend to address clinical, finanical and operational inefficiencies. 


Contact us to learn more about specific ways we have leveraged these remarkable relationships to add value to our Cost Containment strategies for Canadian hospitals.