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Achieve better results

Using our own proprietary approaches and tools, we offer precise and proven solutions to hospital executive teams who need to improve clinical outcomes whilst saving costs.


​Our solutions enable hospitals to quickly determine opportunities for clinical and operational improvements.  Our proven method is grounded in providing advanced coding studies of health records.

In hospitals, all clinical activity is codified in the patient record.  Our team conducts coding studies across multiple sites to assess coding accuracy and propose new ways of improving clinical practice.  Our staff are highly trained coding specialists who can translate the coding assessment into opportunities for improved documentation of clincial processes and procedures.  This provides evidenced-based, deep data,  that engages physicians in the change process as informed learning partners. We leverage  our proprietary coding and utilization management techniques, developed over the last twenty years,  ensuring high quality data is provided and "owned" by physicians.  This approach quickly and effectively  enables the entire clinical team to learn more about coding and costing for improved decision making that results in improved patient outcomes.

Why clinical coding audits work:

-provides integrated data across multiple sites

-enables discussion of data

-changes attitudes towards coding

-assesses skills and identifies new training requirements related to documentation

-identifies computer skill issues and needs

-identifies technical, clinical, and organizational barriers related to the documentation process




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