About Canadian Healthcare Management

What We Do




CHM has been in business in Canada for two decades.  We are independent and objective. We save our clients precious funding dollars which exceeds any amount spent on investing in our services.


We are 100% Canadian owned and operated and we employ Canadians.


We deliver results to hospital teams who are challenged by the need to improve service and reduce costs.  We work with your teams to leverage emerging technologies and processes and embed knowledge transfer to identify clinical and operational efficiencies. We provide proven prescriptions to assist with this process. We're about increasing change capabilty and management in healthcare with costing data. Our organization enables hospital leadership teams to identify clinical and operational opportunities in a proactive manner with advanced solutions to include PowerHealth solutions. 


Our clients say we produce great results -- particularly with respect to engaging medical and nursing staff in the change process.    




Our team is comprised of seasoned and highly skilled Registered Nurses, Physicians, Case Management experts and Case Costing experts.  Our work is managed by proven health care operational leaders with extensive knowledge and experience in Canadian hospital environments.


Leveraging our network of experts and partners with advanced technologies, we achieve results by conducting a comprehensive operational and clinical analysis that enables clinical tranformation to propel organizational transformation.  




Our approach is customized.  We align all operational and clinical planning needs with organizational strategy and support this with a fully integrated strategic communication plan -- and an action focused learning approach.  We specialize in Physician Engagement.  This ensures more effective adoption of the change within the hospital setting. It also ensures full stakeholder engagement in the change process to support sustainable outcomes.


Our team has proven that Canadian health care can achieve better clinical outcomes and save costs through our unique solutions that assist hospital leaders to pinpoint and effectively assess and address specific  barriers to achieving clinical improvements and cost savings. 




We have provided effective solutions to hospital leaders accross Canada for decades.  Hospitals who use our services are able to make a strong case for change -- at all levels-- through identifying and clearly communicating specific and measurable clinical improvement opportunities.  Addressing these opportunities results in significant cost savings, advanced and sustainable processes, significant and measurable knowledge transfer, increased employee engagement,  improved customer service to patients, more effective stakeholder relations,  more efficient resource allocation, and improved clinical outcomes. 


Through investing in our current state reviews and/or contracting out services to our team, hospital leaders uncover and address inefficiencies within their current systems and improve their overall capability and capacity to provide care to patients at a higher quality (based on evidence) and at a lower cost.  We have consistently proven that our solutions work time and time again in  hospitals across Canada.   


In summary, our approach, tools and products provide effective solutions that fully engage clinical staff, quickly uncover clinical and operational inefficiencies, and enable gaps to be closed through the implementation of targeted, measurable, strategies. The tools and products we use are evidence based, data-driven, and precise.




Our tools include:

  • Clinical Resource Utilization Reviews

  • Acute Care Length-Of-Stay Analysis

  • Clinical Resource / Utilization Case Managment Implementations

  • Utilization Education Programs for Nursing and Medicine

  • Clinical Pathways Programs

  • Case Costing Analysis

  • Case Costing Implementation

  • M.I.S. Analysis and Review

  • ​Quality Indicator and Outcome Measurement

  • Departmental Reviews (ER, Registration, Pre-Operative Assessment Clinics, Operating Rooms,Clinical In-atient Programs, Health Records, Diagnostic Imaging)

  • Physician Satisfaction Surveys

  • Staff Quality Assessment Analysis

  • Clinical Quality Indicators and Monitoring Tools

Our products include: 

  • M.I.S. Reviews

  • Retrospective / Concurrent Resource Utilization Review Criteria

  • Utilization Review Nurse & Clinician Training Products

  • Medical Monitoring Criteria and Report Generation Products

  • Clinical Quality Indicators and Monitoring Products

  • Clinical Pathway Program Development Products

  • Operational and Clinical Efficiency Reviews and Reports